Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book a Wirrpanda Foundation mentor to attend or guest speak at an event?

The Wirrpanda Foundation has a number of high profile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mentors, who can be booked to speak, attend or facilitate clinics at your corporate, community or school event. If you would like to enquire into booking one of our mentors for an event/occasion in a metropolitan or regional location, please complete this form and send it to

Please note: all booking requests are complete once mentor availability is confirmed.


I have a community event or program I would like to promote?

The Foundation can endeavour to promote your event or program through our Community Calendar which not only includes the foundation’s programs and events but highlights significant dates and community events throughout the year. There is also a possibility we can include your event poster or program information through our social media channels. Please email all the details to to be considered.


I am looking for individual sponsorship, funding or scholarships for a sporting or school trip?

The Wirrpanda Foundation unfortunately is not in a position to provide any individual or team funding for sporting or other extracurricular activities, due to funding constraints.


I would like one of the Foundation’s programs delivered at my school or in my community?

The Foundation is funded to deliver programs in specific schools and locations nationally. On the homepage there is a map of Australia highlighting our office locations and the sites our programs are currently being delivered. Each program varies, however should the Foundation receive further funding we will be able take into account your request. To be considered, please email with specific details of your location, program delivery site, number of participants, the age of the participants and which program you are interested in. If your school or community already have funding for a program, please include this in your email or phone the office in (08) 9242 6700.  


I am seeking one-on-one mentoring for a child or a student at my school?

Due to the Foundation’s vast range of programs nationally, it is not possible for us to assist with every request for individual mentoring. We receive a large number of requests weekly and we endeavour to assist with information regarding schooling, education and employment support based on where our programs are located, but we simply cannot provide one-on-one mentoring in every circumstance.

There are a number of people and services that may be able to provide you with assistance:

  • Primary and secondary schools across Australia have an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO)  who canprovide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their parents/carers, teachers, the school and the local community.
  • AIME is an educational program supporting Indigenous students through high school and into university, employment and further education.
  • Headspace are a national Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with assistance in promoting young peoples’ wellbeing.
  • Ladder aims to empower young people to break the cycle of homelessness by giving them the tools to take control of their lives, transition to independence and achieve their potential.


I need proof of aboriginality for a job role or training program, where can I get this?

When applying for proof of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage you will need to gather as much information about your family history and heritage as possible, and contact an Indigenous organisation in your local area (where your family is from or currently living).;

For further information:


For all employment related enquiries including eligibility, Centrelink streaming and job active provider information, please visit our Employment page by clicking here.


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