Trevor grabs life-changing job

VTEC participant Trevor Little grabbed a job opportunity at Cor Cooling with both hands and has never looked back.

Several months into his role as a Radiator Fitter, Trevor said the experience has been life changing.

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“It means everything. It means a lot for my kids…so that they can have everything when they get older. It’s pulled me up on a lot of things I used to do. It’s changing my life a lot…having a job here,” he said.

Trevor said he loves his job because his confidence has grown tremendously.

“I am now able to communicate with strangers and I’ve never done that before.

“Communicating with people I don’t’s made me not so shy. I will speak to people if I need to say something…it’s getting better and better as I go along,” Trevor said.

He said having his mentors visit every couple of weeks to yarn and talk about things outside of the workshop is fantastic.

“They take care of you at the Foundation.

“I had heard about it and that it was a good place to go to because they help you get work and help you along the way as well, they won’t just let you go and do the job yourself….they go through it with you.

“Everyone’s fantastic there. They helped me to get this job and I thank Wirrpanda Foundation, they helped me out a lot,” he said.

Wirrpanda Foundation mentor Jamie Bennell said Trevor is doing really well at Cor Cooling and his employers very impressed by his commitment to the role.

“He has put a lot of hard work in and that has not gone unnoticed.

“Trevor is really proud of how far he has come. Getting this job means a lot not only to him personally but for his family as well,” Jamie said.

The Wirrpanda Foundation’s employment programs are kindly supported by Shell and the Australian Federal Government.