Sista Girlz Leading the Way

Three Wirrpanda Foundation DSG participants from Yule Brook College were elected as 2019 School Councillors.

Latoya (Year 10), Breeanna (Year 8) and Rashaye (Year 7) took part in running their first assembly with shared duties of planning, preparing the hall, slideshows, lighting and delivering the assembly with other councillors.

All girls spoke clearly and confidently while Breeanna and Rashaye opened the assembly with an Acknowledgement of Country.

Later, Breeanna informed the audience about the DSG program and several activities this term associated with nutrition awareness.

Yule Brook College Acting Principal Liz Ritchie said: “We have been so impressed this term with the level of leadership and confidence we have seen from the DSG students.

“The DSG students on the council have taken on roles within the school, such as raising the flags every morning and facilitating the whole school assembly.

“Latoya has been recognised as a leader within the student council and is an excellent role model to the younger students.

“These students are key in helping to embed culturally responsive practices in our school.”

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