Nursing Future for Teneille

Bidi Waalitj participant Teneille Bramley has been accepted into the St John of God Subiaco Hospital's graduate nursing program.

Bidi Waalitj, an initiative between the Wirrpanda Foundation, West Coast Eagles and the Department of Jobs and Small Business, helps Aboriginal participants aged 15 to 24 to find suitable, sustainable employment.

Teneille said she felt lucky to be part of the graduate program and had received a lot of support from her colleagues.

“I am absolutely loving the program and think it is an amazing opportunity for young Aboriginal people like me to get a foot in the door and start what will be a lifelong and very rewarding career,” she said.

“I cannot thank St John of God Subiaco Hospital and the Wirrpanda Foundation enough for this experience.”

In recognition of the hospital’s support of Bidi Waalitj, we presented them with a West Coast Eagles Indigenous guernsey signed by Aboriginal members of the 2018 team.