Knowing the Plan

“You need something, I’ll do it. If I come across any issues I’ll raise them, but initially I’ll try to solve them by myself straight away!”

Taylor Davis entered the workforce as a cabinet maker by trade, then went into government work obtaining his Certificate 3 while working for the Insurance Commissioner of WA. This wasn’t the end position Taylor had in mind. “I’ve tried government, I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, not my fit. I need to be in construction. That’s what I really wanted to do an Byran has directed me down that pathway to obtain that.”  

Being a participant for around 5 months in the Plan 2day 4 2morrow program, Taylor worked closely with his mentor Byran to connect to employers. “Byran has helped me tremendously. He has recognized where I want to go and laid out what I needed to get there.”

His preparation and commitment to detail consistently paid off when going through the recruitment process. “They’re appreciative of the effort to be punctual with completing forms and sending through confirmation of qualifications. Making the process easier through organisation and structure is what I try and do with any employer.”

Now that Taylor is working in the construction industry, his goals haven’t stopped there. Breaking it down into short, medium, and long-term goals he’ll continue to stick to the plan.

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