Deadly Culture

Cultural diversity training is essential to engaging, understanding and empowering Aboriginal people.

Our workshops can be delivered in a variety of settings and to all levels of employees within an organisation.

Deadly Culture is industry specific and has been delivered across a variety of sectors including: education, government (DCP workers, Youth Justice), corporate, financial, mining and construction, not for profit and community sectors. The sessions are engaging and interactive and draw on the experiences of the facilitators and the participants to share their stories, knowledge and strategies of empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our course curriculum includes:

  • History of Aboriginal people
  • My Family Story – missions/reserves
  • Social, economic, political and cultural issues facing Aboriginal Australia
  • Spirituality and connection to the land– Dreamtime Beliefs
  • Communication with Aboriginal people
  • State of health of Aboriginal people – life expectancy.
  • Funerals and Grieving
  • Effects of stolen generation
  • Family Feuding
  • Schooling, literacy and education
  • Labour force participation challenges
  • Identifying day to day cultural issues/challenges
  • Promoting Aboriginal organisations to accommodate cultural issues/challenges
  • Case studies and real life scenarios
  • Sharing stories and experiences