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Aimed at inspiring and creating opportunities for unemployed Aboriginal people aged 18+ to reach their full potential and gain employment.

The Wirrpanda Foundation's weekly FIT 4 WORK program for Indigenous Job Seekers runs every Thursday in Lathlain. The activities are aimed at improving physical fitness, self-confidence, employability and networking opportunities. Consistent attendance at these weekly sessions is expected to vastly improve the opportunity to find full time employment.

The Foundation’s mentors deliver the weekly program and provide mentoring support for participants whilst also improving the health and wellbeing of attendees.

Following the physical activity session job seekers will also participate in industry specific training and work readiness aimed at better preparing them for employment.



When: Thursday

Time: 10am-12pm

Where: Wirrpanda Foundation, Mineral Resources Park, 42 Bishopsgate Street, Lathlain 6100



The VTEC (Vocational Training Employment Centre) operates in conjunction with all of the Wirrpanda Foundation programs, with the support and involvement of local Aboriginal communities and their leaders and will connect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers to guaranteed job opportunities, while providing support to maintain continuous employment.

Funded by the Federal Government, our VTEC is required to work with employers, to place and mentor Indigenous job seekers into meaningful long term employment.


Strengthening your business through diversity, our mission is to enhance our relationships with employers, to support your Indigenous employment participation. Through our expertise in recruitment and mentoring, the Wirrpanda VTEC specialises in finding you the right employees and working with them for successful long term employment.

The VTEC has established a pool of candidates with a spread of competencies and experience, all screened most heavily on their attitudinal/behavioural competencies for the types of work and environment, aiming to provide motivated, committed and strongly supported Indigenous employees for the workplace. The skill sets of the candidates are varied from seeking entry level exposure to some experienced roles based on their experience and exposure.

All job seekers that register with the VTEC complete an individual career and training plan with one of our experienced Recruiter/Mentors. This also encompasses an assessment that evaluates Commitment, Fitness for Work, Motivational Fit and Behavioural Competencies including Safety Awareness and Attitude, Performance Under Pressure, Teamwork and Communication.


We are looking for candidates who value continuous learning, have a strong awareness and commitment to safety and are looking to be part of a team focused culture and are interested in a rewarding and beneficial work opportunity. As you move through the stages, you will be strongly supported by our team's mentors and your specific training needs will be provided by our VTEC industry training partners. To be eligible for the VTEC program you must be a registered job seeker with the Department of Human Services and assigned a job active provider.

If you would like to be referred to Wirrpanda Foundation VTEC, please contact your jobactive provider to be registered, as all referrals must now be registered online via your job active provider.





 Perth Metro - Contact Byran McGarry  byranm@wf.org.au  0487 202 514
 Perth Metro - Contact Rebecca Collings  rebeccac@wf.org.au  0436 944 424
 South West - Contact Melissa Riley  melissar@wf.org.au  0439 679 171
 Goldfields - Contact Elaine Stevens  elainesf@wf.org.au  0436 607 978

Community Development Program

The Community Development Program (CDP) is a remote employment and community development service. CDP supports job seekers in remote Australia to build skills, address barriers and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities. It is designed around the unique social and labour market conditions in remote Australia.

CDP participants with activity requirements complete up to 20 hours per week of work-like activities that benefit their community. CDP offers a broad range of flexible activities to increase our participants’ skills and contribute to their community. The Wirrpanda Foundation is the CDP provider for the Yaaliku Region, covering Leonora, Laverton, Wiluna, Menzies, Mt Margaret and Mulga Queen.

Yaaliku Offices:

Leonora - 78 Tower Street, Leonora WA 6438

Laverton - 4 Euro Street, Laverton WA 6440 (Laverton Cross Cultural Association)

Wiluna - 51-55 Wotton Street, Wiluna WA 6646


CDP Feedback Form

 Contact Elaine Stevens  elaines@wf.org.au  0477 587 643

West Kimberley Youth Justice

West Kimberley Youth Justice provides intensive individual mentoring support to Aboriginal youth involved in the Youth Justice system in the Kimberley region. Delivered in partnership with Hope Community Services, the program mentors operate in Broome with participants exiting Banksia Hill Detention Centre, as well as servicing surrounding communities.

 Contact Tim Edwards  time@wf.org.au  0413 984 009

Transition to Work

The Wirrpanda Foundation in partnership with Communicare delivers the Australian Government's Transition to Work initiative in Perth’s South East region, aimed at helping young people and early school leavers become work ready.

The Transition to Work program supports young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15-24 into education, training or employment by focusing on practical skills and mentoring support.

The key focus is to help young people understand what is expected in the workplace and to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours that will enable them to find sustainable, long-term employment.


 Contact Kristel Cooke  kristelc@wf.org.au  (08) 9242 6728
 Contact Alicia Jetta  aliciaje@wf.org.au  0476 817 756


Delivered in partnership with Outcare, the Bunuru program provides intensive mentoring support and development for participants involved in youth justice across the key development areas of education, training and employment. A vocationally recognised Foundation Skills Package will be delivered in conjunction with project-based works.

 Contact Dale Kickett  dalek@wf.org.au


ParentsNext aims to assist parents with young children to identify their education and employment goals and develop a pathway to be able to achieve those goals. The program also links participants to activities and services in the local community.

The Wirrpanda Foundation ParentsNext Program is run in partnership with Stirling Skills Training and is a provider for Ellenbrook / Aveley (Perth North).

Parents may be eligible to participate in ParentsNext if they have:

  • received Parenting Payment for the last six months
  • not had employment earnings during this period, and
  • have a youngest child aged under six years.
  • reside in an Intensive Stream Location

Centrelink will contact parents who need to participate in ParentsNext and connect them to their local provider or if you think you may meet the eligibility criteria please contact Kristen or Rhyannon

For more information visit: https://www.jobs.gov.au/parentsnext


 Contact Kristen Nelson  kristenn@wf.org.au  0431 054 700
 Contact Rhyannon Narrier  rhyannonn@wf.org.au  0477 629 468


Using an integrated suite of tailored, culturally competent and evidence-based reintegration services ReSet provides support to men and women while in prison and after leaving prison, so that they can have a new beginning that is meaningful and breaks the cycle of offending. The program covers:

• Connecting with family and community

• Positive parenting relationships

• Adjusting to life after prison

• Finding a place to live

• Preparing for and finding work.

 *Please note this program is for both Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal participants.

 Contact Tim Edwards  time@wf.org.au  (08) 9242 6736

The Wirrpanda Foundation provides employment and training assistance only for the ReSet Program. For all other enquiries please contact. 

 Contact Wungening  helpdesk@wungening.org.au  (08) 9221 1411
For further information please visit https://www.reset.org.au/